How do I know if I am breathing incorrectly?

  1. Do you get a blocked nose?
  2. Can you hear yourself breathe?
  3. Do you breathe through your mouth most of the time?
  4. Do you sigh, yawn, sneeze, wheeze or snore?
  5. Do you take a deep breath through the mouth before speaking?
  6. Do you pant, cough or blow your nose excessively?
  7. Do you wake up feeling tired or with a headache?
  8. Do you wake at night?
  9. Do you feel your upper chest move when taking a breath?
  10. Do you get short of breath?
  11. Do you get headaches, tiredness, or dizziness?
  12. Do you suffer from lack of concentration or irritability?
One or more Yes answers could indicate incorrect breathing.

Breathing Assessment

Breathing assessment using the latest scientific equipment is available at the Buteyko Bayside Breathing Centre. For more details see Breathing Assessment.

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