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How do you learn the Buteyko Institute Method?

The Buteyko Institute Method (BIM) is a system of breathing retraining which delivers immediate and sustained improvement for people with asthma. It is based on the work of Professor Buteyko from Russia, and is taught by BIM Practitioners accredited by the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health Inc. (BIBH).

Mary Birch
The significant features of the BIM are that it is:
  • Effective - clinical trials show a 96% average reduction in reliever medication for people with asthma (medical trial results published in MJA Dec 1998)
  • Safe - the BIBH follows international best practice asthma medication guidelines
  • Scientifically based - based on the standard medical principles of respiration, the normalisation of breathing and the Bohr Effect.

    The Buteyko Institute Method is taught in workshops consisting of five sessions of ninety minutes. Clients are taught how to retrain their breathing to enable them to breathe correctly when sleeping, exercising, speaking, eating, and performing all daily activities. Improvement generally occurs within the first 24 hours.

    Contact Mary at Buteyko Bayside Breathing Centre for more information, or to book a consultation and breathing assessment.

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    By normalising breathing patterns through practice of the Buteyko Institute Method people may experience many benefits. These can include elimination or reduction of symptoms, reduction or elimination of asthma medication as approved by their doctor, improved sleep, a better capacity for exercise, and a better quality of life.

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    You continue to use medication while learning the Buteyko Method. As your health improves you will need less medication. People with asthma generally find that they need to use much less bronchodilator (reliever medication) within a few days but are requested not to change any medication without consulting their doctor.

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    Health Insurance Rebates

    Rebates are available for Buteyko courses from some private health insurance schemes. Please contact Buteyko Bayside for further information.

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